I don't like the idea of Death% being a thing


Do people actually think death% would be a good thing? If so, they need to get mental help.

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Well it could be an interesting category. Since there is more than a single way to die fast, it would present some kind of adaptation and quick thinking on rs to find the fastest way of dying asap

Also how tf is and idea for a speedruning category related in any way to mental health issues

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Eh I'm still against the idea of Death% becoming a category, I don't find anything particularly interesting about it. But that is what I think

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Death% wouldnt be a thing... you will get draws all the time in set seed, hard mode, spawn infront of golem, hit it and die, winner is the one lagging less / having different fps in their vid
Random seed, just spawn next to ravine, lava pool, or golem... no skill, obtain golden apple at least needs you to menu quick

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I'm all for it as a meme category but in a serious sense i'd say no to it


I think it would be good but only really on random seed and maybe no structures. Also a coop version could be funny if it was capped at like 2 players.


There is literally no point in that, it requires no skill and and it wouldn’t be fun to watch or do.

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I think it would be fun if you banned conventional death methods. Maybe no structures, random seed, no lava pits, no drowning, and no pvp. Then people would have to be creative and maybe suffocate or do fall damage. And coop could be interesting for strategizing what's faster for everyone to die.

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fall damage is really really easy, i literally spawned on top of mountain, moved one block left and died from fall damage, but the idea of getting uncommon deaths is actually a good idea and has more potential than just having "dying in any way" as a rule, although then it would need to be settled what kind of deaths are allowed and i have no idea on original ways of dying

great idea tho

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