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The leaderboard at http://www.speedrun.com/mc already supports runs in the console versions, given that they are not different enough in objectives, I believe they should be treated as a single game. we even have some console runs on the side objectives.

I'd like to have the times of this leaderboard that meet the rules of the main one be submitted there and have this one be deleted, since it clutters the minecraft series page and may cause confusion in the future.

I would appreciate if the moderators here would agree and comply either by doing the submissions and taking down this leaderboard, or by giving me super moderator status so I can do it myself.

Thank you for your time.

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I think that instead, one should be for pc and one should be for JUST console, since it's blatantly obvious that they are different. Just my opinion but it would make sense instead of having half console on one then a full console page on another.