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Hi guys, since Rob's update post was "a bit" outdated, I decided to make a new main one.

1: Robthegamer is not anymore a moderator of this game, he decided to give the role to me, mainly because he was interested in speedrunning and moderating other games;

2: I added CamVsGaming as a regular moderator, since he's the most active and dedicated to the community after me, and since, of course, I couldn't moderate a game alone;

3: Currently, we're not looking for other mods, we can handle well and rapidly enough all the submissions;

4: This game is now completely separated from MC Java boards, since the differences between Console, Java and even Bedrock are many, we're still in constant contact with all Minecraft mods though;

5: We received a lot of runs done on bedrock edition, especially IL runs, because some categories weren't in the BE's IL leaderboards. As I said before, even the differences between CE and BE are many, so if a category is missing, I suggest you ask the mods of Bedrock Edition to add it. Also, if you find some runs done in Bedrock Edition in these leaderboards, those runs will soon be transferred to BE boards;

6: The invite link to our Discord server is still the same and we're still active:

7: What means "TU"?
Minecraft CE has a total of 8 Tutorial worlds, these worlds have gradually changed with the passage of updates, only one of these 8 worlds can be played, depending
on your version of the game. Every tutorial was introduced in a specific update of
the game: TU2, TU5, TU7, TU14, TU19, TU31, TU46 and the current (and probably last) one, TU69. If you're not sure which version you are playing in, use these photos as a reference! https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​9sXConO

8: Can I run this game using an emulator?
Yes, you finally can, using RCPS3, which currently is the only one allowed.
RCPS3, as the name says, is a free PS3 emulator. You can also easily get the
full-game, simply by downloading it from the Resources page.
We will also try to make more in-depth tutorials for the use of the emulator and the general techniques of the game, so stay tuned!

If you have any other questions, feel free to join us on Discord to get a more rapid answer!

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