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I have an idea - Customized Superflat World Any%

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Doesn't break any rules that I can see but just if it does become something (which it might not as it's not really something like most would consider speedrunning) I say cannot load from a old save. Everything must be done in 1 new world in 1 session. ¤Many other rules may apply.¤


First off, like james said, you would have to create a new world everytime. Secondly, I have no problem making this a category, however i want to see a run of it first. Third, when you do a run, be sure to get it on video and in the video show the settings you use. If you have any questions, add on to this forum or message me on discord.


I'm not that good at speedruning this game, I suggested that category because I would like to see other players run it. I really like watching speedruns of talented players. I will try, but I'm pretty sure my speedrun will be horrible if I do it. My settings would be a desert with villages and desert temples close to each other, 3 strongholds, caves and ravines and decorations on. Enderman frequently spawn at deserts and there are no trees blocking your view


While you might like to see others run it, the fact of the matter is that just because it becomes a category does not mean people will run it. Also, the reason i want to see a run first is because I don't like leaderboards that have categories with 0 runs, as I find that to be a bit foolish. As such, I'll only add the category once a run is done. It does not necessarily have to be you, but just someone.

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