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m about to go into Minecraft legacy speed running and have an Xbox one s all digital. I can’t find Minecraft legacy console edition but I can find Xbox one edition. It is the old version and isn’t bedrock edition, does this count if I submit a run on this version into the legacy console on speed run.com? If so thank you.

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all versions count. The only specification is that the "Minecraft" Logo has a console name below it.


Legacy Console is NOT Bedrock edition. You can tell the difference by going to the menu and looking at the logo. If it just says "MINECRAFT", then it's bedrock edition. If it says either "XBOX 360 EDITION", "PLAYSTATION©️VITA EDITION", "PLAYSTATION©️3 EDITION", "Wii U EDITION", "XBOX ONE EDITION", "PLAYSTATION©️4 EDITION", or "NINTENDO SWITCH EDITION", it is Legacy Console Edition. Legacy Console just refers to all of these editions combined.

copy pasted from the discord server