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Its come to our attention that store layout can effect the speed and gameplay of the excercises.

As a temporary solution, we've made it a rule that the main categories must use the default store layout, but what does everyone else think? Should we keep them separate, or something else?

Would also help if someone could document the various store changes.


You should get to choose, as some people might be faster on some then the other, but it's not a 'unfair' advantage because anyone can set it.


When I went to the store layout menu I only got 3 sliders, can someone tell me what they do?


What would be considered "default"? The settings used in the base save file, all right setting?


The "default" one would be the one in the base save file, yeah. Mainly I just wanna make sure we know what the various sliders do and how they effect the excercises so everyone is on equal footing.


If it's possible to choose the layout then they should be a variable or be separated categories


They should use the default store, but when the fastest store is found, they should switch to the fastest store in order to get the fastest possible times. The store layout should not have had an impact on execution, and using custom layouts would only make speedrunning unfair as people would most likely hide the fastest layout making competition impossible.


IMO if someone is able to figure out the effects of the sliders then any setting should be allowed, as we can all use them.

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I think separating the runs in different layout could be an idea or imposing one setting for all the runs. For me in the option it's all the stuff checked to the right in the store layout


In reply to ThreadHazard, thats the thing man. It effects more than just the layout. It completely changes how some excercises even work, such as fries being bagged by a machine rather than by hand which saves quite a bit of time.

Its not just what sides your stations are one, it effects more than that is the point and is why I'm even bringing it up.


Not even sure how to change store layout but I think it should be separate for now. If everyone is informed of the optimal store layout for each mission it should be the default category


In the MGR menu.

Didnt realize that some of the effects were that major. In that case, if there are any effect beyond layout, I think it should be separate variables, but anything minor like store layout should be up to the runner.


Hey there! Im the reason that this post was made.
I made a WR on Fries practice, but it had a different layout because I changed some things (Didn't know there was various stores lol)

You can see the settings I used here: (min 28:59)


Based on messing with the settings, it seems the very bottom setting in manager mode is literally just for turning on and off the fry dispenser. Needs a bit more verification, but if thats true then this would only effect fries training.


until the fastest layout is found i say stay with the default


We found out that the machine is only added for the fries and the rest of the exercises are just personal preference for what side things are on. Thusly, we've removed the store layout restrictions.