I already have 100% achievments on xbox and im thinking about doing the achievment run, could i do the run and in the description put each achievment i got at what time (or roughly when i think i do)


you need to show the achievements screen displaying 0 runs before you make a world, and show it having all the necessary achievements afterwards. so no

I recommend you make a burner xbox account for your run(s)

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hello i did multiple 100% runs.. you need to start recording, show all achievements and proof its a new account (cuz no achs are done), then reset for the world you want (if its random seed), make sure you dont do any achievements like open inventory, and at the end of the video, you show the achievements (100%), and if its a segmented run, you leave the world, then show the achievements, then go back on the next day and show the achievements again, then join and repeat

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Yeah I probs do that. I’ll do like 20 at a time have a break then repeat


I was asking to see if I could do that instead of creating burner accounts which I dont mind doing its just time consuming to do that if I mess up on my run


Can't you make "guest" accounts on xbox? Accounts which are duplicates of another which shouldn't share save files and other stuff. At least it works on the holy xbox 360

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