The first place obtain wood co-op world record verified by none other than myteryz neglected to prove that they got they acacia, yet it counted. You can see that the used the excuse that the other person's video (the one who searched for the acacia) failed to "process," and even if this had been true, the run shouldn't have counted. The only proof is the guy in the chat typing got acacia. You can watch the video here:
I do not consider mysteryz verifying skills to be inadequate, just that in the future I would like for these runs not to be submitted AND verified, thank you.


damn, why the vendetta against me lmao
anyways i literally tested this yesterday with my sister to see if we could get a run with one going acacia and the person getting acacia always got it before the other person finished. theres no reason they wouldve faked it when its clearly and easily possible.

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It’s not even a challenge, chances are it would be legit. I would admit I’m biased as I come from a community that uses the honor system, but this is a likely legit run for a category extension.

Locking this thread, if you want to discuss you can ping me on discord.

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Yo just remembered that shigame thought I faked an all woods run a year ago. Good times

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