Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Category Extensions Forum  /  Can you add a find diamonds or find emeralds speedrun (don’t mine just find)

If you do thanks


bro stop making new threads for suggestions

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isnt all ores a thing

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yes, yes it is

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I love when people think they have the power to change the categories/leaderboards just by joining a community and asking as if people hadn't already requested it or haven't considered the fact that it's already on the boards.

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Finding it seems pointless, it is basically the same as mining the ore, and is not a good idea.

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you are dumb :thumbs_up:


goddammit this pple whats wrong with them

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he just wanted a ez tied 1st place lul

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if you dont like find diamond/emerald, why not find netherite ingot?


first of all, no , obtain netherite will not be added because all ores is already similar to it and obtain netherite is very rng.
second, why bump old thread?
third, if you want to suggest cats go to unofficial bedrock category suggestions

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Pls pretty pls pls no more of these threads

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I think this would be a bad idea because there would be too much controversy about how it Is timed

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@gucciganglilakugucciganglilaku One more week till I can


obtain diamond is already a cat lol

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