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So basically I found a new seed which you can get world record from. You spawn directly next to a blacksmith which has 10 obsidian, 1 iron bar and then a gravel lake to make the flint and steel with the iron and the flint.




I did find a seed starting outside a blacksmith (from memory was around 10 blocks away to the door) and a second blacksmith not far away.
I wrote the seed # down on a scrap of paper and have never found it again... Sigh...


what's the seed

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Give us the seed

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this his him from the future, i made a new account, i dont remember the seed anymore. i wasnt lying about it i still remember finding that, but the seed is long forgotten.


Why didnt you perform a run with the seed? It seems pretty good.


That is a shame we didn't get the seed


The current enter nether (Structures) seed is much faster than a blacksmith chest.


Yeah either way the seed leezaard found is much faster


@thesecondonethesecondone Blacksmith chests are random since 1.14

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the reason i didnt perform a run on this seed is because i wasnt and i still am not that good at minecraft and speedrunning the game even with the seed wouldve been too hard and still would be hard for me, thats your answer @MangoManMangoMan. even if i find the seed and get good at minecraft speedrunning, as @InserthereInserthere said, the blacksmiths chests are random now and as @ElTreagoElTreago said, nether structures are better than blacksmith chests. i apologise to the people who wanted to speedrun with this seed, its my fault i forgot.


@thesecondonethesecondone speedrunning is for fun, you don't need to be good at it to have fun.

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