Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Forum  /  Isn't playing on 1.16 beta breaking the rules?

In the rules it states that you have to use the setting "experimental gameplay: off"

You get to play 1.16 beta-versions by setting this setting to "experimental gameplay: on", right?

Right now scoagogo and ICN_KLD have the top2 places in both any% glitchless set seed and any%glitchless random seed, playing in the beta.

According to the rules, these runs are not legit, am I right or am I wrong?

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in mcbe there are no rules for playing in betas, its fine ... but in java playing in alphas/betas/snapshots aren’t allowed


betas arent experimental gameplay by the way , they are like different versions

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okay, I just found it really odd that worldrecords suddenly got beaten by over 30 minutes on a beta-version

1.16 is a better speedrun-version though, it's not very "speedrunny" to trade sticks for emeralds with villagers for an hour. Just strange that it's allowed before it's an official release.


i am 3rth 😛 (needs to be verifyd)


4th if u include Baikal which hasnt submitted but is like 20 secs slower than wr


oh f


Tod, did you do Set Seed or Random Seed? They seem to be slower to verify the Random Seed runs, as I have 2 runs that I've been waiting for 2 days to be verified.


Waiting 2 days is very standard, the site tells you verification could take 1-3 weeks on average. Just depends on when moderators/verifiers get around to looking at runs.


For this game it normally takes 1-3 days, too rare for it to be like a week