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its called Minecraft education edition, I just want to know so I'm not breaking any rules

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probably not, but someone could make a category or a new game. Any % Education edition and Any% Education glitchless.

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I don't think I can

rip my Minecraft speedrun


but then again, it's technically just bedrock with a little more content, so why not?


I would do any% glitchless, but they don't have it, and I cant submit so Idk what to do.

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Play normal Bedrock Edition to run any%


Im a mc edu mod and the reason were not adding any% is because that would be the same as bedrock, if you want to run any% you can just play on mc java or mcbe, if you dont have these versions you can make your own unofficial leaderboard.


Ironic coming from the guy who failed to read the pinned FAQ before asking a question

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