In a glitched run, if a player were to do a dupe glitch requiring them to exit the world, would the time they spend out side of the game count in the final time? Basically, is there in-game time in Minecraft Bedrock?

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Igt is not in the Minecraft Bedrock Community since mods have too many runs in queue to re-time them into igt. Anytime you exit the world or lag hits, etc. it still counts as your final time.


read rules please


I thought the rules said that once time starts it can't stop untill the end of the run :pipega:


Using IGT is close to impossible for us. IGT in java is done by reading the world file and looking for when it gets to the end and such things. If you go ahead and open a world file of bedrock you'll see gliberish, because bedrock is mean. And even if we could read world files it would still leave mobile and console un-retimable. Other games time IGT by reading game bytes, specifically the loading state ones. But we can't do this in bedrock because console and mobile, and we don't have such tool for PC. Only windows has livesplit but we don't have any impostors to program on such garbage viruses like windows 7/10.

There's also retiming manually IGT, but that will no doubt increas the verification time of each run by 4 times at least, and no one wants that.

There's also letting people retime themselvves, but it's a really really really bad idea to let others retime their own runs, since they can easily fake the time.

So no, IGT isn't, and will most likely never, be a thing in this game

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rta no loads?


IGT is in game time, RTA no loads is RTA without loads.

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I'm going to put in my 2 cents on this.

I honestly would prefer to have IGT or at least RTA no loads. I get lots of lag spikes when I'm speedrunning or casually playing (I mean 30 seconds loads both ways for the nether and 45 seconds for the end

However, I know that it would take forever to verify in either way. I know the pain of this (from running a friend's speedrunning website that used RTA no loads) and know that it isn't going to happen unless we get the technology that is in Java edition.

That is my opinion on this scenario