The rules very clearly state you cannot execute commands during the run. Lots of runners are submitting glitch runs that execute commands. These submissions will be met with an instant rejection.

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Out of yesterdays 50 runs in queue, I had to reject about 20% of the runs


Why the fuck would you use a command anyways?


/kill @e[type=enderdragon] “hEy GuYs LoOk i CaN sPeEdRuN”

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A glitch in the recent update allows you to execute commands with cheats off, so runners were spawning in end portals and stuff @RKREERKREE

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Apparently people just think that in glitch runs they can execute commands, but command aren't even glitches and to enable commands you have to enable "cheats" on, it says cheats for a reason (even tho there was a bug, it is in the bedrock edition speedrun.com rules)
With glitched we mean things like duping or dragon skip (without commands)


Someone actually do commands to run? I thought its just a joke, damn...

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Well it’s a glitch that allows you to do that you should be able to do that. It’s a glitch in bedrock edition so it should be allowed


That would be true except it’s literally a command... use common sense: glitches or not that shouldn’t be a run as it requires no skill

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Also as mango said it is in the rules


Even though it is a glitch, it should not go into the leaderboards(at least not in the glitched categories) else, all of the routing would become useless. The game would just become copying and pasting a command(/setblock ~ ~ ~ end_portal_frame if I’m not mistaken) twice. This would make glitched unplayable, because almost all time save/lost is because of loading. Adding this as a glitch makes the game uncompetitive.

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Agreed and using commands is basically cheating even though it's a glitch I say we should should ban the glitch in any runs that's just my opinion though.


@doraplayzdoraplayz It is literally banned as has been since the creation of these leaderboards

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someone really need to know that Glitch≠Cheat

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Unstickied. Anyone that reads this forum would have seen this by now