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I submitted three runs (I am still waiting for one, the waiting is not the problem, I get that mods have other things to do!) and the newest submitted and oldest submitted were verified, but the middle one is actually my current PB;
So what order do mods verify runs? They would have had to skip over one of them to verify my newest one instead of my PB.

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For me personally they verified my pb and I deleted my obsolete run


The run was submitted the day i got it or the day after


Yeah but like how long have you been waiting?

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It has been two weeks since they were all submitted, but the question I'm asking is why did they verify the oldest and newest, not in chronological order? Is this a normal pattern?


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Dragon mate I'm not sure if you're reading the posts but, I'm asking why did they verify run 1 and 3 and skip the 2nd one?


some mods do oldest first, some do easiest first, and some do a random order

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Alright thank you Steph!

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I think it also depends how long the run is. I have had times where my shorter runs that are newer would get verified first and then after another week or so the longer runs would get verified.

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That makes sense Jux, but my runs are all single item and aren't longer than 5 mins, my PB would also be the fastest one lol

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The mods verify from the oldest pb to the newest gradually to tell people how many runs submitted gradually from the worst to the best pb u can never see a mod verify the best pb first

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