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Hello speedeun.com I would like to ask if my run I will be submitting today will take a few weeks to verify? Or is it instant? Or if it takes a few days? I have read that it takes 1-3 weeks, is that the case? And can you please try to verify it as soon as you can? -litlkoala


idk, it depends on the mods and how much runs that haven't been verified, i think prob 1 week.


it might take up to 3 weeks


It can take as long as it needs. After 21 days you may contact the moderators that your run hasn’t been verified yet. You will just have to be patient.

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Mods are volunteers. They have a life outside of here. And plus, Minecraft Bedrock is one of the most popular games on SRC. Just be patient and wait.

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We currently have 185 runs that need verifying

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Wauw, that is a fuckton of runs. The most I have is 1 LUL


It is now at 195


wow thats a ton of run hopefully mine wont take to long as the video only 3 minutes lol


prob since fake runs comes in, the mods have to look all over the video even if it's an hour


Well on some cattergories theirs no attempts so someone could submit a 50 hour run and they have to look through all of it as their no time limit and then they are crown the fastest

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We can reject runs that do not make an attempt to be fast, as per the website rules
> A minimum effort requirement is reasonable. It is recommended to at a minimum accept a first playthrough done in one sitting with an intention of playing the category quickly.


2 questions

1. how long does it take to verify a run (I'm new to speedrunning)

2. can you use set seeds that have already been used by other people??


1. they have a backlog of 200 runs so it might take a bit

2. yes you are


If you scroll up in this forum.. You can literally find the answer. And for the other one.. You can literally find the answer in another forum if you scroll down. Honestly, I don't know how you missed the answers it's so easy to find.

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Lol its been like a week and still nothing


Please stop bumping dead threads

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