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My friend is an upcoming mobile speedrunner, who used... a lot of pvp texture pack. My friend said it wont benefit anything in the run, tho i dont think so. Tho i actually wonder if that allowed.
Post this just to tried to end the fight we got, and i actually want a proof :))
And note, he used a crosshair texture pack, a panorama changer(idk what it called but it changed the screen picture and invis the setting, for less lag(he said)) and a keymapper, where he used drop item in one volme button, and attacking in another one


pvp texture packs usually lower the fire while burning so no its not allowed. keymapper is allowed for dropping items and changing perspectives not attacking

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@AfrazAfraz thanks, how about the crosshair one?



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why and please provide proof to prove the attack button is not allowed


Because it gives off an unfair advantage?

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unfair. Do you think it's not fair?
The split controls I have to practice for a week to aim correctly.
And i have to click continuously, not the same as auto clicks


First of all, please just keep the game as vanilla as possible. You really don’t want the moderators rejecting a WR run just because of your pack.

Next, the PVP pack you are using can be seen as an advantage especially if it changes colors and different density of colour in particular blocks. For example, when you are in the nether, the mods would pull you over if you had a pack that changed the nether bricks to a more visible colour. That offers a vision advantage which is illegal.

I don’t want to talk too much, but the last thing is the volume button thing. It should be fine, I see many other runs that have the volume buttons as the perspective changer.

Sorry if I ruined your day with this long explanation.

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Can you give me an example name of a lag reduction textute pack that is allowed in minecraft speedrun?



Particle reduction packs. Again, those offer a vision advantage in the nether (you can see better) therefore making it not allowed. I don’t think that there are any allowed lag reduction pack, though I know some FPS boost ones.

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can i create my textute pack to increase fps? just changing the color of the grass in the over world


No that wouldn’t be allowed because it wouldn’t be an official texture pack and you could change something else secretly.

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