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This is a complete list of banned players, and those worthy of doubt
This list covers Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and its Category Extensions
Players on this list that are not banned for cheating in other games (so most of them) are also banned from our unofficial category extensions over at https://www.speedrun.com/mcbeuce


Players Worthy of Doubt
- @Sharks332Sharks332 (Participated in a faked run with @ShiGameShiGame, did not cheat himself)
- @Dimondme8Dimondme8 (Potential splicing), required to submit better quality video
- @7H3 (Faked runs in Gran Turismo 4)
- @NoobnubboiNoobnubboi (Potential splicing) This run
- @IGS_BrixTzyIGS_BrixTzy (Constant alting)
- @KelvinyauKelvinyau (Potential fake SSG world record)


Banned Players
- @ComplexBSRTComplexBSRT (Spliced a Kill Bosses: Elder Guardian run)
- @luin_is_goat (Spliced a variety of runs)
- @Mag07Mag07 (Submit other players runs as his own)
- @Paddy2127Paddy2127 (Troll submissions)
- @TheBeastRacerTheBeastRacer (Submitting other peoples runs)
- @LilyOfTheValley (Submitting other peoples runs)
- @TakeTheLTakeTheL (Submit a TAS)
- @xiany_bilixiany_bili (Speeding up video)
- @ShiGameShiGame (Speeding up video, Admit to faking all his runs, this thread
- @ChaosintheDarknessChaosintheDarkness (Modifying chest contents before a run)
- @XEnderXLegendX (Passing off a set seed run as random seed)
- @The_Ugly_TruthThe_Ugly_Truth, @niuL, and @dmoneygamez (Using fullbright and faking rsg runs, using a discord account posing as someone else to pass them as real, alting)
- @brisket12brisket12 (Creative mode, troll submissions)
- @Jalapeno_SauceJalapeno_Sauce (Spliced a Mine Diamond, RSG run)
- @AliGaming087076AliGaming087076 (Stealing video)
- @sojanimsyaysojanimsyay (Blatant fake run)
- @KreekyKalimbaKreekyKalimba (Spliced an Obtain Cake, SS run)
- @elsmith1456bloodelsmith1456blood (Advertising in submissions)
- @wooly.mammoth (Faked a Set Seed Any% Glitchless run)
- @stimpie69_stimpie69_ (Troll submissions)
- @PrimTagPrimTag (Spliced an Enter Nether, RS run)
- @FeeQuuxYTFeeQuuxYT (Spliced an Obtain Diamond, RS NS run)
- @Reyrey256Reyrey256 (Splicing an Elder Guardian RSG run)
- @popopopo (Stealing video)
- @Galaxy_Zion (Splicing a Mobile RSG run)
- @PrassSpeedyPrassSpeedy (Splicing a Mobile RS run)
- @liming_ngliming_ng (Confessed to cheating)
- @SmedgiesSmedgies (Cheating in MC Classic)
- @SoarinSky (Cheating in The Hive)
- @DreamWasTakenDreamWasTaken (Cheating in Java Edition)
- @jaykobae (Splicing a Console RSG run)
- Every other cheater from other MC games.
- @KapitanulKartofKapitanulKartof (Splicing a Mobile RSG run) x1
- @FironicFironic (Splicing a Mobile RSG run) x2
- @MeSpeedRunsMeSpeedRuns (Splicing a Mobile RSG run) x3
- @TheInvaderMC (Splicing a Mobile RSG run) x4
- @jidack (Splicing a Console RS run)
- @NvC_NathanNvC_Nathan (Splicing an RSG Obtain Diamond S run)
- @AndreasSparky (Splicing a Mobile RSG run)
- @ClixsClixs (Submitting other peoples runs)
- @GamingZ735GamingZ735 (Splicing a Mobile RSG run)
- @KaushaljadhavKaushaljadhav (Splicing a Mobile RSG run)
- @AxeMCAxeMC (Splicing an RSG Obtain Diamond NS run)
- @WhoHewTacoWhoHewTaco (Splicing a Mobile RSG run)
- @TakingSaturn114 (Alt of @AndreasSparky )
- @raider_plays (Stealing runs)
- @TeaTea and @Tusiky (Splicing an Enter Nether RS NS run, alts)
- @Bongolay (Speeding up video)
- @bastikadubastikadu (Splicing an Enter Nether RS NS run)
- @Danielisinthemi (Splicing an RSG run)
- @CutscencesCutscences (Cheating in Unofficial CatExt)
- @DreambedrockDreambedrock (Blatant fake run)
- @noisy_cuRRy_rivernoisy_cuRRy_river (Submitting other peoples runs)
- @ice_frostzice_frostz (Splicing a Console RSG run)
- @KadirArasYanarKadirArasYanar (Splicing a Console RSG run)
- @ThiefMatrixThiefMatrix (Submitting other peoples runs)
- @xman10683ytxman10683yt (Splicing a Console RSG run)
- @Joshbuild10Joshbuild10 (Multiple suspicious runs (Enter Nether, Kill Elder Guardian, Kill Wither)
- @TriaxTriax (Submit other players runs as his own)
- @BatMan6000BatMan6000 (Submit other players runs as his own)
- @Goldenfalls766Goldenfalls766 (Splicing a Console RSG run)
- @DylanMC251DylanMC251 (Trolling submission)
- @RameenRameen (Troll Mobile RSG WR)
- @PeterPeter (Faking Mobile RS World Record and PBs)
- @GigaMadnessGigaMadness (Splicing a Mobile RS run)
- @NeonTactNeonTact (Faking a mobile RSG world record)
- @dream_alt (Trolling RSG WR)
- @NA_TZcNA_TZc (Trolling RSG WR)
- @Sir_Sir_.rsm (Splicing an old RS WR)
- @BurgerBashBurgerBash (Spliced a Console RSG run)
- @CoolPlayzCoolPlayz (Submitting other player's run as his own)
- @Simpy (Trolling Mobile RSG WR)
- @NSP_BrixKD, @Naysnale, @BrixKD, @Brixwastaken (Alts of @IGS_BrixTzy)
- @FelziMHFelziMH (Submitting another player's run as their own)
- @obrizhkaobrizhka (Splicing, getting impossible loot and items appearing out of nowhere)
- @ExeGuy2045ExeGuy2045 (Submitting another player's run as their own)
- @FiveThunderFiveThunder (Cheating a run in MCBEUCE)

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Also I faked a wood run, SAID I faked it, and because I'm no cheater I didn't submit it 🙂. The src mods agree with me as well!


Originally posted by ShiGameSAID I faked it

To quote the beginning of your attempt:
Originally posted by ShiGameAnd yes guys I just want to confirm that this is actually legit I did not cheat on this whatsoever. The reason why my video is not able present there is because it failed to process

You did what you did, stop trying to deny it.

KeeganatorKeeganator, CybiqCybiq and 12 others like this. 

You submited a fake run that actually was self promoting your channel and realm which self promotion is against the src rules

TrenttheN642TrenttheN642, DrunkGeckoDrunkGecko and 2 others like this. 

In my personal opinion, I think cheaters have absolutely no place in the speedrunning community. Speedrunners who work and practice hard should not be disrespected by some kid who wants to cheat to get something rather than accomplishing it. I also hate this idea that people have that when you get caught doing something wrong you continually deny it making your case even worse. People will respect you a lot more if you admit that you were wrong and apologize.

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@ShadowfiShadowfi the run wasn't submitted - I love how even though the src higher ups agree with me, you guys are still grasping at fake facts


I am willing to bet $100 the src mods wouldn't agree with you


@GoldGamer32GoldGamer32 then why didn't they ban me oof


Because you lyin'


btw it is oo not oof


Thanks for proving me right!



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shi, shadow wasnt talking about the cheated run. you submitted a non-run to the boards as self promotion lmfao

LakesideTreyLakesideTrey, DrunkGeckoDrunkGecko and 5 others like this. 

Most of the people you listed as framing you were mods and verifiers like MaxGore.

TrenttheN642TrenttheN642 and SS like this. 

What does he even have to gain from saying the run was real, he's already on the suspicious list and he's just making it worse for himself

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