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Why do we have glitched/glitch-less on that category, when almost none others have the difference. I feel its not necessary seeing as there are so few runs in that category


I agree with Packerfan2016.
Remove Glitch/Glitchless options on Obtain All Dyes levels.


We will not remove the dividers as duping wouldnt be fair vs a glitchless run

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To followup on this, I still think Glitch/Glitchless should be removed. I believe as run times get quicker, there would be no time benefit by glitching/duping items. It would be very strange to have glitched runs posted longer than non-glitched.

Possibly, edit rules to not allow glitching.

There is only the one Glitched run. It's only quicker than their own glitchless run because they found squid straight away and didn't have to run back to the furnace.

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