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So does anyone know if there is a way of one cycling the dragon on bedrock edition? I'm assuming not because the dragon dosent perch, it just charges the center. Let me know if there is a way to one cycle or something similar


Thanks, I also watched the WR for SSG bedrock PC and I saw that the runner essentially took out the dragon in a few seconds with his one cycle technique despite the dragon trying to leave. Link for his video:


So I've been trying for half an hour or so and I finally successfully one cycled the dragon. I play mostly on mobile so I had to use the crosshair to accurately place the beds

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@xDragqnxDragqn check out the end strat here it's a lot easier and to explain the strat:
step 1: shoot an arrow through the dragons head while she's perching or after which will activate the crit bug to allow more damage to be dealt to the dragon.
step 2: crit the dragon 5 times (perfect amount before she flies away)
step 3: place the obsidian as shown so the beds can be replaced. (can be done whenever)
step 4: build up about 10-15 blocks near the dragons head and place lava as shown. (this will slow down the dragon from flying away, however will bug her out and she will start sinking into the island so you have to explode the beds quickly before you can't place them anymore lol)
step 5: explode the beds and win (the beds can't be spammed too fast as the dragon can roughly only take damage twice a second so it needs to be timed perfectly.)


Wow thanks! Nice run


El treago does it work in mobile


it works on all platforms


On mobile for me at least I have to place an extra obsidian block to be able to place beds without jumping up, might be because I don't use a crosshair


no credit to the one cycle creators smhh