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Alright I think we can all agree it is unfair that we have to play 1.18 and it gets counted as 1.16.100+ because of all the new terrain generation. 1.18 makes it too hard to move around in the overworld so I want to ask all the bedrock speedrunning mods to include a 1.18+ category for RSG and SSG because the terrain generation makes it very hard to move through the overworld. Thank you for reading! Also am I the only one who thinks this?


I think this has been discussed and while I'd also rather it a new category, terrain just isn't enough to make it a whole different thing

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That’s fair and I can see why you’d think this but personally as a player on console I can’t go back versions making it much harder for me to speedrun the game. But that’s just my opinion


I think it would make sense for a new category, the changes don’t seem big enough


Wait wdym you want a new category but the changes don’t seem big enough to you? What are u trying to say?


That there shouldn’t be a new category, but that there should be delays expected


Let's add a version split eveytime something changes! that won't be dumb at all!

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no we cannot all agree


but the terrain DOES make a significant difference
at least 98% of my runs die in the first few seconds due to spawning somewhere stupid, or not having a lava pool above ground and underground lava not being very accessible

while you could say the terrain changes are not a huge deal on paper, they completely change how much you need to reset
I’d say most of my resets before 1.18 were for: no lava pool above or below ground, no sh village when there was expected to be one, no pearls from bastion, no fortress, and the normal stuff like deaths or the time being not worth the trouble

after 1.18: no village, no pearls, no fortress. no lava above ground because underground is too slow, spawned on a high mountain, spawned in some random cave, spawned in snow biome, lag deaths like random fall/fire damage

most of the problems in 1.18 already exist in older versions, but 1.18 emphasizes them more because you are essentially resetting like you’re playing the Wall on Java except there’s no reset macro and load times are slow as hell

it would also make it easier to see who are the best runners in 1.18 since you have to reset a lot more and try to milk every good seed you get, cause there’s not a lot of them
I got a 39:38 recently, and that seed was good but besides that I had no other nether entries at all that session, despite playing for quite a few hours

I don’t see a problem with making a separate category for it even if there are more runners on 1.16/7 than 1.18

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tl;dr: 1.18 is more punishing than other versions, you reset for literally 999 out of 1000 seeds because of bad spawns, no villages and no nether enters and it’s incredibly not-so-fun to try and compete for a wr in a category where my version puts me at a literal disadvantage that is unavoidable and very significant

anyways, I’m just mad so feel free to roast me saying I suck at the game 🙂

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Speedrunning this version is hardest but you have to admit the world generation is awesome

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I agree but I didn’t expect this to get a bunch of attention ty guys so much! It just changes runs to much to not be a new category and also like I said earlier I’m stuck on 1.18 because I’m on Xbox, imo it gives us a unfair disadvantage


And a1 I completely agree with you I can’t complete a single run I feel like it’s not just your bad, it’s just the world generation makes it harder


And world generation is great!


I understand where you are coming from but before you make a thread look to see if others have made the same kind of thread so you dont have to waste the mods time and in this case there have already been threads like this and the mods said no

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no harm in trying right?
I mean, even if the mods say no, I’d want them to reconsider it anyways because both mobile and pc have ways to downgrade
what do console players get? a massive middle finger saying screw you, consoles don’t get privileges
it’s not anyone’s fault of course, but it is still a fact that it puts 1.16.100+ players at a disadvantage, and 1.18 players by an even more significant margin

if we don’t make a separate category, the new console players from 1.18 will see that 1.16 18:xx wr and might get discouraged from trying to get top 5, for example
having a separate 1.18 category appeals to new runners who will feel like they have a more even playing field and want to fight fair and square with people who can only play 1.18

sorry for the long rants, but I genuinely regret having to play 1.18 maybe I should have a Tylenol next to me when I play omegalol

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I mean personally I think I am just getting screwed over and it is like you said completely ruining my want to speedrun for competive times. I’ve given up enough to do the unofficial bedrock extensions for get milk no structures ssg I have a higher chance to do better with that then trying to do competitive speedruns for bedrock I just know I can’t get top 5 tbh but yet again it’s my opinion and my urge to want to speedrun trying to beat 18 minute runs with garbage terrain movement capability ruins it for me and I think makes people want to speedrun even less imo


Oh and another thing,

Strongholds under villages,

Console players like me are getting screwed over even more than we already were, yay


might as well speedrun legacy edition 🤷♂️

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