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Why Does It Still Count As A Mobile Run If They Use A Controller? It kind of defeats the purpose of being a mobile run.

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run done on mobile = mobile run. there are too many loot table differences and such between platforms to split by input method.

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I mean by like if you use controller on mobile, it should count as controller.

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The reason is mainly because of different loot tables and OP glitches, but this shouldn't be an issue in RSG


any input method is allowed as long as the device is mobile, that's just how it works so there isn't a million sub categorys

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As stated by @kaiikaii we split based on the platform you play on due to loot table differences as such. Also like @xDragqnxDragqn said, we don't have subcategories for each control style as there would just be too many.


kEEn tO gET wR In QuaSi pRiMArY cOoP rSG moBiLe kB&m

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