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I am posting this in the event, no matter how improbable, someone comes along and wants to take a stab at the Individual Chapter runs. Here are some specifics for the current rules, in addition to rules already provided:

- All weapons / ammo / painkillers must be brought over from preceding levels.

This means that developer keys and cheats to give Max full arsenal with max ammo and painkillers is not allowed. The reason for this, is that specific weapons at specific chapters are not normally obtainable. (For instance, using a Sniper Rifle during Part 1 Chapter 1 - Roscoe St Station.) Even if a weapon is obtainable from a previous chapter, runners should not refill ammo prior to starting their attempts as well.


it is acceptable to use developer keys/ cheats to refill Max's health and bullet time prior to starting your attempts.

Feel free to use this thread for Individual Chapter specific questions.