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Hi JoeDB,

You rejected my run on a claim that I am using a keybind/macro which is untrue. I can link you to the full stream where I messed up the first superjump in the game at least five times in a row and was resetting ( -- I cut the video I submitted from a stream, it starts at 28:19). Furthermore, there are several times where I mess up and quick load -- for instance at 18:24 in the video, you can see that I failed the jump at least three times before succeeding and same with the trapdoor afterwards.

I don't want to come off as rude and I respect you (I watched all of your speedrun tutorials on YouTube). Please let me know what I can do in order to prove that it is in fact myself performing these? Possibly some kind of on-screen display of what keys I am pressing? I would like to know what I can do so that I can try posting another run.


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The issue I have with the video you submitted is not that I think you are perfect at super jumps, it is more that you are incredibly inconsistent. I understand sometimes you get into the zone and are able to string together several good jumps but your run seems a little bit off to me for several reasons:

- You lack real substantial skill everywhere in the game aside from getting super jumps.
- You have no history of running this game or a history on (This is not criminal but leads me to be cautious)
- Your game experienced a strange crash and upon restarting the game, you were severely less effective at super jumping.
- You tend to be much more consistent at super jumping when you swap from a 1 handed to 2 handed weapon but not the other way around.

Now all of these things were only suspicions of mine, so I decided to annotate every super jump you performed. I tallied up the number of jumps you completed and how many attempts those jumps took you to achieve. I also compared your rate of success between swapping from 1 handed to 2 handed weapons and 2 handed to 1 handed weapons. Of course, for some more comparison I did the same thing for my 52:42 PB run. This is what I found from my run:

Keep in mind that I am using my PB not only as a baseline but as a representation of the level/rate in which I actually attain super jumps. Across all weapon swap types, I stay within a 1% difference in success with a slight edge in doing better at swapping 1 handed to 2 handed weapons. Still overall, I only accomplish 45% of the super jumps I attempt. Now here is the data I recorded from your run:

From this it appears that you are wholly consistent with a standard run. However, prior to your game crashing you were significantly more successful at super jumps in Part 1 and 2 in which a one handed weapon was swapped for a two handed. An incredible success rate of over 80% of the jumps attempted in that manner were successful. Yet, at Part 2 Chapter 5 (where your game crashed) until the end of the run, that rate dropped by nearly half.

Keep in mind I am talking about the rate of success in which you get Max to perform the super jump itself. This is important, as you said, in Part 1 Chapter 7, the reason you failed the super jump 3 times in a row is because you were swapping from a one handed to another one handed weapon (I did not count such jumps in the overall tally of attempts.) Also, you failed to get through the trap door within the same chapter because your set-up was incorrect and even though you did get the super jumps, Max was too far to the right and not able to attain the full height to make it through the trap door.

Admittedly, as I stated in the beginning of the post, it IS possible that you were on a severe hot streak to attain that ~80% level of success. However, based on your non-existent history I have to lean on the side of caution.

I am happy to work with you if you decide to record another run using some type of input display, as you suggested. Lastly, I have tried to encourage people to run this game for quite some time, so please don't take it that I am picking on you or anything.


I understand that you may be cautious due to several things that happened in the run.
What steps should I take in my next run to make it clear that I am not using any kind of keybind/macro?


Any program that shows your key inputs would be great. Again, this is not mandatory for the game but it would definitely ease my mind. As it stands, I am sure you can get a faster time than what you had submitted - good luck. Also, I will follow you on Twitch because the best way to build trust is through familiarity.

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