Request yo stuff here

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what about all party games? It would be a meme catigory cuz it is all RNG but stilll


if people actually take it seriously ill add it


Yo, I'm a mod of the M&S London 2012 games and I was wondering if I could moded or something?


Somebody plz figure out how to fix the leaderboards. It shows WR as 2 1/2 minutes slower than it really is in festival solo


--Category Request--

What if there was a one item event where you have to buy one item from the store on a new save file. Also, there could be sell out events where you have to buy every item from a certain store and there could be different store categories like "music store" or "library" etc. (excluding secret shop).


That sounds like grind speed skating for 10 hours Kappa


In response to Touchdown; honestly? That's not a bad idea. I'd be down to try it. Might be a good misc category.


if it gains interest and a few people run it then itll be added probably


Buying all things on a certain store would take too long


i would do it if i didnt hate the game


@Spielpro mate there are literally 15+ hour long speedruns and unlocking the items from an individual store would take like 3 at most lol

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some people don't want to spend 3 hours doing something and some people want to spend 15. because one person wants to do something stupid long doesn't mean something not as long but still long can't be a reason for it to not be ran.

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Okay gamer whatever.