Runner that isn’t on leaderboards anymore?
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Runner that isn’t on leaderboards anymore?
Michigan, USA

Was there a dude who always wore a mask that ran this game? He had WR at one point I think (or at least close). His name was Cyber something… were his runs removed or was he caught cheating or something? I don’t see his runs anymore. Just curious, thanks lol


He did change his nickname, I mean he did delete his previous nickname and got a new one now.

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Kanagawa, Japan

The runner you're referring to is Cybergeddon. Looks like he either deleted his SRC profile, or his videos got swept up in the SRC video removal a while back.

Dominican Republic

Cybergeddon is or was the name of the current WR holder. This is strange now that I see it his times aren't here anymore. Maybe he is under a new nickname as some of you pointed out already.

Michigan, USA

Interesting why he just up and left. Anyone remember his time?

Kanagawa, Japan

22 something, I think. I tried to find his Twitch channel, and I did find someone under the name, but there are only videos of Megaman X4 speedruns

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