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I'm gonna go ahead and just do a double check on everything that has an IGT in every mode, make sure it's consistent, to bounce off of what Spielbro said. What I'd also do is fix the wording of the level categories a bit (everything has "Boss Bash" in the name which is... weird), which can be compounded by making the levels subcategories of Boss Bash with the current style, doing all 5 minigames at once, being the main category. I'm going to also include minigames that can be timed, but do not feature an ingame timer within brackets. In that case you'd be able to simply have a timer wherever you're recording.

4-Player^: [Camera Shy], Hedge Honcho, Domino Effect, [Trace Cadets], Pedal Pushers, Roller Coasters, Twist and Route, Boo Tag^^
^: Did not include Big Blowout, as while it can be timed, there's an easy way to get the optimal time and would result in a lot of first place ties.
^^: Would need to work with smallest time up top, as you're aiming for as little time with the ghost as possible.

1v3: TECHNICALLY all of the except for Penny Pinchers. However, a lot of it comes down to dumb luck with the CPUs, especially in the cases of the KO 1v3s (like RDR or FFF). None of these games have IGTs btw. If you add these however, it'd have to be the side that you can't throw in order to make it competitive, for example the one-side in RDR, with a difficulty note.

2v2: Soil Toil, [Memory Mash], Cube Crushers, [Mole Thrill], Sprinkler Scalers, [Cucumberjacks], Hanger Management, Book It!

Battle: [Cheep Chump]. Would need the same stipulation as the 1v3 games, except in this case it's a 4p game.

Boss: All 5

I'm not saying all of these SHOULD be added, rather these are all the options if looking specifically at time.


Just all minigames that has an ingame- timer


What about the mode such as " scores en pagaille" or "montée des marches" or "rois de la fusée" (French names)?


I'm not sure where the stance is atm about this thread, but it seems pretty active. So I'm just going to say that we have removed all ILs that were not Boss Bash related for the time being, they seemed messy and there is a leaderboard of cyberscore that you can see https:/​/​www.​cyberscore.​me.​uk/​game/​382 We can readd/add new ILs later in the future after adjusting to the new categories and changes. Thanks for being involved in the growth of the speedrun, and look forward to some sick speedruns, for any other questions or concerns feel free to voice them here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mariopartyds/​thread/​sixkw while I'm focusing on giving you guys what you want and making this look good ❤️ Closing Thread

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