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There are no categories for MP8, so how about some?
All Minigames Blindfolded: Play all of the main minigames (Not the challenge, boss battle or special minigames) Without the ability to see. You must have a webcam to prove you're blindfolded.
Draw%: Get a draw on any duel minigame
Long runs: Survive as long as possible on a certain minigame.
Test for the best: Get the highest score on test for the best.

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Test for the best is already in use on the Mario Party 8 page itself


Test for the Best High Score runs are already on cyberscore


We could potentially add some of those, at this point I don't mind adding some stuff that is on cyberscore already, but yeah if you do any runs that you want on the category extension board, just do a run of that and send me a video of it and I can let you know whether or not we will add it to the board 🙂

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My tie% run is complete, and it's almost ready to submit. But first, I'll apply some rules.
Tie%: get a tie in any Duel battle.
Time starts when you select start and ends when the final results are shown. The "Tie" Message must be visible to have it verified.
Due to the insane frustration from having to manipulate RNG, 2 players is acceptable, however, the "2P" mark must be selected.
Select the board you used for the run on the "Board" Variable.


sure thing, send me a link to the video in a private message and i'll look into potentially adding it! we can also talk about the rulesets and whatnot in that message

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