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It was brought to my attention (and this is my fault for never noticing) that you can setup specific minigames for "Solo Mode, All Boards". This means its possible setup minigames for the mode to get a time edge, now I originally never intended the category to be ran like this but I see as being unfair for those who were running for the sake of running.

To remedy this issue I decided to split the category and officially add a real "Any%" category for Solo Mode, All Boards and marking the old category as "CF" which means "Completed File" or "Custom File" as you are allowed to setup your settings ahead of time for your run. The "Any%" category is more of how I envisioned the game to be run a very long time ago, basically you will start your runs from the file selection screen (default settings ONLY), you must at least complete all three boards once and collect 100 stars to unlock and play the credits. This means there is a real end-goal now, and to keep true to the mode I feel playing on the three boards is ideal.

I also made a few other adjustments; difficulty modes are no longer subcategories, they are now filtered instead. Basically, your fastest overall run will always be displayed as the default and you can fliter out runs that have done "Weak, Normal, etc" to compare their times against yours.

I have also adjusted the game rules a little players are now able to play the game on any device or third party software as they see fit however to keep them still restricted you cannot compete with top 3 competitive times it is hard to define a penalty with these so I think this is the best solution at this time. I have also made the rules a little bit more clear.

Have fun.

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now my 1st place run comes up as 6th place on my profile..feelsbadman