100 Stars Route + Relevant Bonus Breakdown

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Thirsty Gulch: (minimum of 30 stars, ideally closer to 35)

This stage can be the most frustrating because of how rng dependent it can be, you want to build some wealth here through bonuses but trying to unlock 10 minigames can take too long on this stage because of the frequency of needing to land on a ? space to continue.

Goal: Build up a star bank as quickly as possible
- Use 10 Dice Blocks (+100 Coins)
- Land on the Rare Minigame Space (+100 coins)
- Hit as many ? Spaces as possible (10 coins each + 1 dice block without a minigame)
- Conserve 1 Slow Shroom for the last turn
- In the event you can exit quickly (3 turns) with a double or a triple, do so and move one. You will probably have to do a 2nd infernal tower but it’s worth it.

Astro Avenue (minimum of 10 stars)

Not much to say about this stage, in an ideal world you would get a 5-3-2 but if you don’t it’s not a big deal. Try to exit in under 6 turns because the likelihood of unlocking 10 minigames or hitting 10 dice blocks is fairly low.

Goal: Exit the stage as quickly as possible
- Aim to finish with a slow shroom and hope for good rolls and good orb rng
- Land on the Rare Minigame Space (+100 coins)

Infernal Tower (minimum of 45 stars)

At last you’ve reached the final stage and are ready to invade Bowser’s lair! For this stage you need to unlock 10 minigames at a minimum (9 on the board/1 rare). If your rolls are too high try to land on the first ? space, otherwise finish the level and re-enter to try again and to finish your collecting.

Goals: Unlock 10 Minigames
- Low rolls are great, so are cursed mushrooms.
- Use the first ? space if possible. Just be careful not to hit anymore on the way back up.
- Land on the Rare Minigame Space (+100 coins)
- You’ve Completed all the Boards (+50 coins)

The Last Stage

Usually you will have to complete either Thirsty Gulch or Infernal Tower one more time to finish the run. Most often you should go with Thirsty Gulch unless you need more than 30 stars.
- Landing on the Goal Space (+50 coins)

Take Credit for the Run!

Exit Solo Mode and menu up to the star bank (wind mill). Scroll down to the bottom left corner and purchase the credits. Mash A to watch the credits, stop timer on "Yes"
Jot down how many stars you collect after each stage, you would be amazed how easy it is to forget

Bonus List: Here is a list of relevant bonuses to earn during the run, I have excluded some that are impractical to go for in the speedrun.

Cumulative Bonuses: Each time you fulfill the requirement you will earn a multiplier on the reward for that board. For example if you win 3 minigames on hard you will receive 20x(3)=60 coins at the end of the board.

Winning a Minigame on Easy: 10 coins
Winning a Minigame on Normal: 15 coins
Winning a Minigame on Hard: 20 coins
Winning a Minigame on Brutal: 25 coins
Breaking an in-game record: 30 coins
Rolling the same number twice in a row: 20 coins
Rolling the same number three times in a row: 30 coins
Landing on a ? Space: 10 coins
Landing on a Bowser Space: 10 coins

Orb Rewards: During the infernal tower climb keep in mind that using orbs can cut down on how fast you’re going and can earn you cash! You can only earn these rewards once per board.

Mushrooms!: 10 coins (use 5 or more orbs).
Cursed Mushrooms!: 20 coins (use 5 or more cursed mushrooms)
Sluggish Shrooms!: 20 coins (use 5 or more sluggish shrooms)
Two in a Row!: 20 coins (obtain the same type of orb twice in a row)
Three in a Row!: 30 coins (obtain the same type of orb three times in arrow)
You Threw your Orbs Out: 10 coins (toss 1 orb)

Dice Block Rewards: Getting certain patterns when rolling the dice can earn money. Each of these bonuses can be earned once per board.

Mini Dice Rolls: 30 coins (roll a 1, 2, or a 3 three times in succession)
Mega Dice Rolls: 30 coins (roll a 4, 5, or a 6 three times in succession)
Even Dice Rolls 10 coins (roll a 2, 4, or a 6 in succession)
Odd Dice Rolls: 10 coins (roll a 1, 3, or a 5 in succession)
If you roll a triple, 5-5-5 for example, you will earn the 30 coins from the triple, 20 coins for the previous double, 30 from mega dice, and 10 from odd dice. Triples are important!

Bonuses you should get from the route: In every run you should be earning 650 coins (32 stars) from the route, so between the bonuses above, and the in board coins you need to earn the rest

Rare Minigame!: 100 coins (3x) = 300 coins
Ten Dice Blocks: 100 coinis (2x) = 200 coins
Ten Mingames: 100 coins (1x) = 100 coins
Completed all Boards = 50 coins
(If you need an extra board, 50 coins from the end tile)