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The problem with adding more categories is that there's really nothing else to add without making something really arbitrary


Mario Combat Deluxe has a Kill All Enemys Category. Can't you add that to Mario Combat as well?


Kill All Enemies is too arbitrary imo.

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I don't know how glitchless would work... I presume no elevator skip.


No Elevator Skip doesn't really add anything to the run tho, if the elevator sequence was longer and had more challenge than it might work, but the elevator sequence is pretty much just an auto scroller, honestly who would run the game without elevator skip?


there have been other people in the forums wanting this category. i think they would probably run it. Also it's kinda boring with only one category that people can run.


Die% is WAY too arbitrary


What about an "Only Hit Bowser" category?

Or a Hardcore category (Something like "No A+Jump and no tab switch")

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Jokes on you. We added your category ideas. I mean, all of them.