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Hello world,

i have problem with my "training" speed running in Super Mario bros on NES.

I dont understand why i fail my first jump in world 8-2, when i Watch speedrunner, i do the same as him but I die by the cloud..

I share a video recorded by me so that you understand

Tell me please what is bad in my jump ?

Ps: Sorry if my English is not good but i try to do the best I can for you to understand :((

Rip my English


I had the same problem - I'm going to GUESS it's because you're playing the PAL rom instead of the NTSC - slightly different jump lengths. Though it's been 3 months so you probably won't read this...


This is only a problem on PAL emulation, I've only had this problem on PAL 100% of the time, and 0% of the time on NTSC. If you want to stick with PAL for some reason, then you just have to slow down a little bit like the PAL TAS does, HappyLee has a video of it, you can check it out