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I've been testing all the GB emulators (since it hasn't been done in a little while, and new emulators have popped up) and have compiled all my results.

-gambatte and bgb are still totally legal.
-Bizhawk is still legal, but seems to load slightly slowly for some reason
-All other windows emulators are banned(VBA, sameboy, Retroarch, VBA-M)
-All MAC emulators are banned (If someone has a setup they think is correct, for any emulator, please contanct me so I can review the videos one this. I'd really love to find -any- accurate mac emu)
-All hardware standards are fine (SGB1 still have to have it's time converted though)
-{PAL GBP remains untested and I hear it's weird.}
-All runs should have their emulator specified in the notes.
-Ill do what I can to fix existing runs on all these points

Other Changes
-Exact frames will also be added to the rules for start/end times
-I added a bunch of missing platforms.
-I changed the game title to (GB) at the end instead of (Gameboy)
-I changed 'any%' to 'Beat the Game'
-Platforms now obsolete eachother

The emulator results, with links to the raw video files, can be found here: http:/​/​sprintinglegs.​com/​emutiming/​results.​html

Let me know if anyone has any concerns or objections with this.

New rules:
Category Rules:
Beat the game as fast as possible.
-Timing starts on the first visible frame of level 1 after selecting the control method
-Timing ends on the first frame that your score increases from crossing the finish line in the Silly race.

-If you play on the original Super Game Boy (SGB), please submit your run with a converted time (

-The authorized emulators are bgb, Gambatte, or Bizhawk (with the gambatte core)
-VBA, Retroarch, sameboy and other emulators are Banned for its inaccurate timing. (
-Please state the name of the emulator used the the description