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In the rules of any%, we must beat all levels. But when you create a new game, you can beat it without do levels 10 and 20. You can just take 75 stars to unlock the last level (lvl.30), and there is 81 stars in levels 1 at 29 without the 6 stars of the levels 10 and 20.
So I think we should create 2 new categories of all levels:
-all level with a game already completed : just beat all levels in any order and with no other restrictions.
-all level with a new game : you have to beat all levels in a new game with no other restrictions (you must, there, take stars for unlock the levels 10, 20 and 30)
Any% Change too: you do not have to finish all levels anymore but just go as fast as possible to the end of level 30 after creating a new part
The timer starts when you start the lvl 1 and ends when the "the end" screen appears

Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad english