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I have not done much testing but I think Italian MIGHT be very slightly faster than English (and faster than the other languages too) but it would only amount to perhaps 3-4 seconds over the whole run at a guess. I tested the level 6 monologue which was 0.8 secs faster in Italian. I don't think I will bother running in Italian unless through more testing it turns out that the difference is more significant.


Hi Dr Grumble, congrats for your new wolrd record ! I'll try to get it back soon. About the language, it is a very interesting point that deserves to be studied deeper. I won't use it for the moment, but in a near future, why not ?


Cheers! I don't think you will have any difficulty beating it once you do a run with the new time saves (early poison dagger, plus level 4 skip, plus consistent level 19 skip strat). In the meantime, I will enjoy my reign at the top however short it is!

If the times get super optimised then I might do a run in Italian or another language if that is faster. Time save is likely to be really small either way.