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This is a list of some online resources related to the game, made by myself.
If you notice any mistakes, or have other suggestions, let me know!

Some important disclaimers:
- The resources were made by primarily referencing the Steam version of the game. However, it should also be 100% compatible with the older PC version.
- The official term for (individual) levels is "challenges", though levels is used the most. Sometimes, they are also called events or missions by the community.
- Bonuses are sometimes also called pickups or powerups by the community.
Level Overview:!Ah4tOtJ3IlJXmDGuFVmZH62nbmR_?e=GdZvS0
Spreadsheet of all levels, categorized/sortable by various aspects

Profile file settings:!Ah4tOtJ3IlJXmEAR6sooRcRTZOfZ?e=MG3Geh
Explanation of all profile file settings, excluding records for each level

Route (any%):!Ah4tOtJ3IlJXmDxQcPG9g7SgydJI?e=Y1WVgd
Personal route for any%, showing the order of levels with some explanations

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