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So I tried the Switch version that just came out, and well, maybe you guys already know this, but there are some pretty significant differences: the biggest difference is that Macbat moves a lot faster. And also...


-There's another bonus level after the Christmas level
-You can play Kiwi 64 (the game) as an easter egg

Another thing that I thought was exclusive to the Switch version, but it seems to be on PC as well: there are a few out-of-bounds easter eggs (literal eggs) that warp you to secret "levels" (they're a new environment but there are no objectives or anything). You can access them once you get the infinite wings. Not helpful for speedrunning and probably you guys already know this but I found it interesting.

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That's really interesting. I had no idea that they were releasing the game onto Switch. I can't speak for everyone, but if Mac moves significantly faster in the Switch version, then it might be a good idea to split the boards between console and PC. What do other people think?

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Yeah, I know I'm not a mod/runner here but I definitely think it should be its own category if people choose to run it. Especially since 100% would be different because of the extra level. I'd be really interested to see some runs on the Switch version.

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If there is differences between the two versions, like movement speed, new content on Switch version, etc... I guess splitting PC version and Switch version would be obvious.
(Sadly, I couldn't speedrun the Switch version, because I can't stream my consoles for now xc)

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There are also some other interesting parts about the Switch version I found after some exploration.
1. Birdy Beach skip does not seem to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I even experimented with my Switch-Only strat and have been unsuccessful. (More on this for #2)
2. With the pro controller and maybe the Joycons you can press the D-Pad to do single frame movements, which may be able to be used to find very technical tricks. I've been experimenting and haven't found anything so far (Looking at you, Tulshar's Forest!!)

Also if enough people show interest in a Switch leaderboards that could be done, but at the moment the game has not had much interest shown in it besides a few people who have submitted PC version runs in the past few months. This is subject to change if there is interest shown in it though. Maybe we could see a boost in the speedrunning community for this game due to the game just being released on Switch. 🙂

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I think I'd run it on Switch, if I had a capture card.

Clendenon do the other skips work on Switch? Like Strangely Familiar Jungle skip? Or the boss fight skip, skipping the 2nd phase to the fight?

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Strangely Familiar Jungle skip works and so do do both boss fight skips. I don't understand why I haven't been able to get that Birdy Beach skip.

Here's a video of me trying to get the skip with no success. You can see I even run right against the barrier that usually lets you through.

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Maybe it may not have been purposely patched. I had demonstrated in a thread a while ago that the higher the frame rate, the less of a chance you have to get out of bounds.

It might not be frame rate exactly, but just the way the switch runs the game? Maybe the way the switch handles the game engine accidentally fixes the out of bounds.

That's just my theory.

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alternatively you could ask siactro

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Birdy Beach skip has not been patched, I used it to get the current Any% world record.

Can I ask a moderator why the PC / Switch tabs were added to the top? There's so few runners in the switch category, I don't understand why they're split for Any%. The other categories make more sense, though.


Ah sorry, we had a conversation about splitting PC and Switch about a month back, and I just got around to setting up the leader boards correctly.

Also I suspect we'll see more runners on switch soon (including myself)

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OK, thanks for the reply. I understand. 🙂

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