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So I have an (Undocumented) PB / WR of 1:38:21 (Splits here: however I don't want to post a time on the leaderboard without a video, as it feels maaad cheap 😛

So I thought I'd post a few notes / pointers to help people through the first few levels, as there are quite a few tricks throughout this game that I don't want to write a whole post about.

Street Sweeper: The only essential enemies / targets to destroy are: The enemies right outside the spawn base, the two tunnel targets, the Ship, and the enemies back at the spawn base. Everything else is unnecessary.

Signs of Life: I love this one. You can completely ignore everything and go straight to help Alera with the battle armor, using mortars makes this pretty easy.

Tank Rush: You can actually clip through walls in this game (Probably do a video on it later). Clipping through the gate at the end of the level (That you have to hack) can save a bit of time if done fast enough.

While this is pretty bare I plan on running this again / doing a tutorial for all the crazy strats there are in this game. I'll post on twitter when I'm running 😊


Damnnn.... got a lot of improves to do I guess... haha

In all seriousness though, I made a lot of mistakes throughout the run since I kinda forgot what to do in some parts and what I'm allowed to skip (and splits messed up) but even with all that I'd probably only be able to get it under 2hrs.

So these tips should help a lot and especially when you do a run, thx.


You're very welcome 🙂 I'm gonna do a run later so I'll try and get all the strats to show for people aha

There's a lot of micro management involved in what you destroy in later parts that get's somewhat hard to manage too DX