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This serves as an extension to the rules for Any% and Manipulation categories in the Ancient Cave

People have requested it for as long as I can remember. The_Roth set things in motion - Separating the manipulated runs from the Any% runs. He started routing a run and finished his fully manipulated run within a month. This got the discussion started again and we decided the best way to please everyone was to let a voting take place.

The community took a poll, voted and conquered. 28 people voted. 24 people voted for the way things have become just now - Separation of Any% and "True Any%" a.k.a. Manipulation.

First things first I'd like to thank everyone in the community who participated in the vote, we wouldn't have made it without you guys. I want everyone to keep in mind that despite the outcome of the vote, there's no sure-fire way to catch people who want to submit manipulated runs as Any% runs - Cheaters will cheat.

The only thing we consider achievable rules are:

Intentionally RNG Manipulating the Cave is NOT ALLOWED. This includes re-using identical floor 1s in different PBs - The only sort of "proof" we can have access to.
Runs that are considered manipulated, or are obviously manipulated in any way (visibly or otherwise) will be placed in the Manipulation category instead.

The only advice I have is to regularly flush your save files to change "RNG". You could do this by saving after a successful run or PB, or just do it like every month or whatever. This'll prevent you from getting used to "your floor 1s" and unintentionally getting used to them. Yes, this means there's a sort of "honour code" to be held.


The fastest run with no restrictions should be called any% as it is in literally every other game. Anything with added restrictions you can call whatever you want. Also the phrase "true any%" is not a real thing.


Several issues still aren't addressed, if I click on view rules there is still a link that leads to this forum post that may or may not contain 4 more lines of things you consider rules instead of just putting them directly in view rules. There is also one run with an objective manip that needs to be moved, and an unknown number of runs with subjective manips that may or may not need to be moved(but certainly haven't been examined at all). Also I've never heard of a category called Any but I'm assuming you meant Any% which is the fastest category of a game, so that should probably be fixed as well.

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