All Items Guide - Familiars, Mantras, Virtues, VP & Consumables

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All Items Guide

In this guide, I will be detailing how to get all items in the game, save for La pickups, as those aren't really required for the 100% run. Now, first and foremost, let's go over the virtues that don't have any in-world locations to collect them.

Out of World Items

There are quite a few of these, and a majority of them are virtues. There are a couple of Mantras, so let's go over those first.

Mantras Sol - Acquired by completing the Neutral ending. Aether - Acquired by achieving the Corruption ending, either through Sacrament III at the base of the Radio Tower, or by getting 100% percentage.

Virtues Empowered - Acquired via leveling. Driven - Acquired via leveling. Adaptive - Acquired via leveling. Loved - Acquired via leveling. Agile - Acquired via leveling. Perceptive - Acquired via leveling. Marked - Acquired by starting NG+. Ascended - Acquired by completing the True Ending.

Items in Tracks

Alright. Let's get into the meat and potatoes of this guide. Following this, I will be listing every track, and what all you can find in the track, and where. Accompanies by a map. Items will be listed in the order they can be acquired.

Track -1 ~ Cradle

The only items in Track -1 are mandatory items. 3 Rewinds, the Aero mantra, and the Burst familiar.

Track 1 ~ Lost in the World Impulse - Acquired at the start of the Track, mandatory. Pyra - Acquired by going into the small southeast alcove in the 5th screen of the Track. Health Essence #1 - Acquired after killing two small enemies, mandatory. Prayer Bead #1 - Acquired at the small crossroads after breaking the roots. Shocker - Go left at the crossroads, and then north. Anima - Acquired after defeating The Hive. Enraged - Go to the right side of The Hive boss room. Scorned (NG+) - In the same room that Impulse was at the beginning.

Track 2 ~ Flesh Without Blood Parasitic - In the combat pit on the west side of the Sanctum.

Track 3 ~ Inside Condemned - Bought from the Merchant. Trusting - Bought from the Merchant. Prayer Bead #2 - Bought from the Merchant. Gaea - From the Avon station, go south, west, then north. Determined - From the Highland station, go south. Rewind #2 - From the Highland station, go north and defeat the enemies. Untethered - Take the train as far east as it can go. Pierce - From the End Station, go north, then northeast, then enter the pipe. Paranoid (NG+) - From the Avon station, go south, east, then enter the pipe.

Track 4 ~ When the Sun Hits Thanatos - South from the rest area through the building, then unlock the leftmost house. Prayer Bead #3 - In the shortcut to the School from the rest area.

Track 5 ~ Stay Here Incensed - North from the first bus stop, in a small alcove to the west. Hated - In the Arena rest area, follow the left wall to the north until you walk through it. Health Essence #2 - Acquired by completing the Arena combat challenges to the east Bios - Return to the arena after defeating Serah.

Track 6 ~ No Stars Rewind #3 - Enter the pit directly east from the entrance to the Track 6 map. Rapid - Complete the arcade game. Erebos - Purchased from Merchant Heal - Purchased from Merchant Anxious - Purchased from Merchant Cautious - Purchased from Merchant Prayer Bead #4 - Purchased from Merchant Rewind #4 - Left of the stairs before the ladder to Christian 2. Repellent - Up the bridge to the north of the screen with the 2 small spider Nightmares.

Track 7 ~ Lethean Aqua - After defeating the Harbinger, return to the Linear Path screen. Rewind #5 - Directly west of the Linear Path rest area. Prayer Bead #5 - Purchased from Merchant Health Essence #2 - Purchased from Merchant Disconnected - Purchased from Merchant. Aura - Purchased from Merchant Fos - Purchase the Planary Indulgence, then go south and west from the rest area.

Track 8 ~ One Last Time Defeat Christian 3