Minikit Duping... in Mos Eisley Spaceport?
5 years ago
South Carolina, USA

Hey there today I was playing the game and decided to go for the carrot minikit that you needed to destroy 3 trashcans to reveal 3 carrots and a minikit will appear. Now I did this in story and freeplay and got it once in each. I did this by destroying the trashcans in a different order resulting in 11/10 minikits after getting every other remaining minikit in Spaceport. To note I had 5 minikits collected in story and 6 minikits collected in freeplay, and when I saved and exited out of the level it said 4/10 instead of 5/10 before it built the rest of the minikit. I don't know if this discovery has been found yet though. And to note again, since there is 2 minikits that both require you to destroy 3 trashcans to reveal a carrot/plant that means that you can get a dupe minikit 9 times as long as you don't do one wrong or it'll be a blue stud normally.

South Carolina, USA

Is it used in 100%, All Minikits and All Canisters?

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

i dont think so, cause as i understood gotta exit the level and then re-enter to execute this glitch. thats a massive timeloss imo...and youd still have to run through the rest of the stage no, i think, its not RTA-viable...

South Carolina, USA

How about get the minikit in free play along with the story mode one so you won't have to get an extra minikit.

Ohio, USA

It’s a thought

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