What is the "dummy" category gonna be?
5 years ago
South Carolina, USA

I am confused on the "dummy" category? There is no rules, so what the heck is the meaning..... maybe a meme category or Illuminati (cue music)! But seriously what use?

Michigan, USA

Could use it for a no stud run. It is possible, albeit horrible, to complete an any% run with zero studs (if you pick up a stud in a level you have to kill yourself at some point before you finish to get rid of it.

United Kingdom

This thread is old, but I do think a no stud any% (or free play) category would be cool.

Pennsylvania, USA

Yeah only problem is it would just be the same category with killing yourself like 5 times before the end of the level

Pennsylvania, USA

just disallow any stud grabs. if you grab any studs it invalidates the run.

Pennsylvania, USA

Unfortunately its impossible to beat the game without picking up any studs

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