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The majority of this channel is dedicated to the game and I stumbled upon this one video that looks as though it could have been officially endorsed:

It's strange enough to watch but given it is in Japanese it may prove uninformative to us without adequate subtitle translation of what is being done within game.
It's still worth checking out!


that boing sound sounds like something ive heard from sonic shuffle.

but yeah this video is bizarre. dont quite know what to make of it

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After watching the video back a couple of times I noticed several 'new' things that would be worth exploring further:

At (1:20) the player managed to spawn the "giant baby" by using the movement controls to look up and down - this is curious because I'm assuming they are not on day one, the baby also can't be seen but the brief flash and linking still happens.
If you read the subtitles just after this some English present implies that the day you are on makes some difference to the events within game; (days 3,5,7,9...) are quoted suggesting a diffrence between odd/even numbered days, perhaps consecutively or numerically.

At (6:30) note how the lions follow the player and are even able to glitch over trees in their pursuit.

At (7:50) the player looks up causing the wolf to drop dead seemingly disarming the threat and causing no link.

At (12:40) the player edges closer to the Grey Man whilst again looking up and pacing forwards intermittently allowing them avoid being flashed and to get up close and personal with him.

Maybe what we thought were glitches now have merit to be intended?

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thats what i was thinking when i was running earlier today. i was hitting some walls trying to pathfind and was thinking that if looking up or down can affect where you link to out of the cottage day 1, then it must have an effect on all other things. it feels odd though that something like this would never be formally explained (assuming this isnt legit).

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