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in case you cant understand my voice well, this little glitch i found, which you may or may not be aware of, allows you to end the dream via falling if you run along a river bank in the natural world at a certain angle. it seems as though you have to hit the right angles of the rivers rather than running along a straight portion of them. its very finicky, i had to try this like 20 times after i stumbled upon it.

dont know how useful it will be to you guys but i find that it might come in handy when youre trying to find the cliffs when fog is dense in the natural world and youre having a hard time. cheers

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This is a cool find and I can see it being used as a backup strat for getting a bad spawn in the Natural World as you implied. Saying this, there are a lot of non-solid textures, usually on the floor/beneath the player amongst all of the maps in this poorly coded and rendered game.

The floor in the Blank Space overworld behaves oddly, the floor texture is still solid proportionally from it being visible but upon turning around you can fall through to end the dream, this could be caused by a short lag in loading but either way is reliable as a backup strat.
Often is the case that the game will spawn you somewhat higher above the ground than 'normal' allowing you to exploit movement and "suddenly fall through the floor", whether this is an intended feature is doubtful.

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yeah, my immediate thought was that maybe we could game this to our advantage. admittedly, the little humps that make up the edges of the river bank are modeled quite oddly, so its no surprise to me that they behave a little screwy, but id imagine this kind of behavior is probably consistent in most other non-straight segments of walkable terrain.

i tried seeing if i couldnt clip through the corners of the train tracks in happy town using the same principle with no luck. there isnt really a quick way of ending the dream there, other than linking into the carousel.

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