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I've been kicking the idea around with some community members about the addition of a category which mods the drop rate of Imperil and Magnet to 100%. The purpose for this category would be to provide a way of running the game that eliminates RNG drops that make or break the run, making a much more fun and less aggravating way of doing speedruns of Lightning Returns without having to grind for insane RNG. I feel this category would make a great race and marathon category as it eliminates the major do or die drops of the run, as well as just being a different way to play the game if you don't enjoy sinking in lots time waiting for the stars to align in a run with drops. The runs would both play out identically the same, also serving as a good measurement for your potential in regular runs.

My proposed idea is to add a row of subcategories, specific to only the PC version titled "Modless" and "Modded" (names subject to change.) The present version of the run, the "legit" version of the run, would remain the default category, therefore causing no harm or taking away prestige from hard earned non-modded runs. I made a rough mock-up to demonstrate the idea:


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Watching runs lately and taking part in this conversation, I think that's a great idea. Would be fun for folks, and maybe I might come out of retirement to mess around with LR again if this happens. Less RNG, more runs being finished, and races would be more realistic and close.

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I agree with zefferss. It would be a good point for new runners and older runners that do not want to deal with the drop rates and just have fun with the game. There is nothing wrong in my opinion with giving future runners a choice of what they would like to run


Whilst I probably wouldn't run the modded game (maybe apart from organized races), I do think it's a good idea since Imperil presumably turns a lot of people away from the game. I see no real harm since the original game would remain the default category on the leaderboard.

I also agree with zefferss regarding closer races (and avoid having 1 player suffer for 20+ mins.. sorry D_Winds). As long as we have a way to turn the game back to its original configuration.

More options = good.


I do think this is a good idea but should prob be misc (at least at first) since its a modified version of the game imo.


i like the idea of this totally when you want to do just practice runs. but that of course needs to be handled good. for example, how will you look if someone uses a mod yes or no ect.
So i like the idea of it, even i will likely never use it, but need to see how it will be handled when submitting 😛

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Simple work around would be to have a watermark or an icon in a corner of the screen

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We can instead bite our fingernails at the next major source of RNG.

What is that phone code!?

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The creator of the mod already has a really good plan to make sure we have a visible indication of the mod being enabled. We are going to have some enemies give 1 more gil than intended or reward .01 more EP than intended. Not even remotely close enough to have any difference on the run, meanwhile giving us a verification that it's enabled so it cannot be used to cheat.

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We've now added PC Drop Mod as a category to the boards. We're opting for slightly different implementation than initially suggested, but it's practically the exact same thing. Doesn't get in the way of any of the already established categories, while being much less work on moderator end to accomplish the initially proposed implementation. Hope to see some runs put forth on the boards!