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I wonder if anyone has a theory about a new glitch they think could be discovered?
I'm asking this because, and I know, this is kinda dumb, but, i'm getting a Wii and this game this winter. I know it's stupid, because...
I've never played this game before.
Oh! A spelling error!
I fixed it.


If you have not already, join the Skyward Sword Speedrunning discord. There is a glitch-hunting channel there where people actively look around and discuss potential glitches! Also I hope you find the game fun


if you have a switch... SKYWARD SWORD HD HYPE also you should probably wait because it will be faster, so hold of on skyward sword on wii. i had one, and it sucked. i never played skyward sword, though.


Absolutely, positively, 100% not true. Off the bat, SSHD will 100% not be faster, unless by some miracle they add a reset function to the game. Since the Switch on its own does not have a reset function--and therefore almost certainly there won't be one for the game--BiT won't be possible, making the run just from there roughly 4 and a half hours slower. Assuming HD has the same tricks that No BiT in SD has, the Any% run will likely start out being around where the current No BiT record is, which is 5:45. The only possible saving grace would be instant text, which I also find unlikely, but fingers crossed. That on its own would save probably close to 50 minutes to an hour. But SSHD, even given these things are possible will absolutely be MASSIVELY slower than SD.

Also... they're separate games, and will have separate leaderboards lol, why hold off? Just another speedrun to get into

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