Footnote on NG/Game Version/Glitches
5 years ago

This is basically just a collection of issues for the game. Some of these are far more important than others.

New Game Footnote:

This applies for all new runs, and is critical for things such as marathon setups. Or perhaps someone looking to run this game.

When you start a new game, all settings, including keybindings, sound and text speeds, are reset everytime new game is pressed.

There is a forced tutorial at the start of the game, make sure you are aware that you have to use default keyboard bindings during this. You can change the settings the moment you gain control of Kanata after he wakes up in his room.

For all the above reasons. I recommend running on controller.

Old Patch Footnote:

Old patch isn't banned and doesn't offer any technical advantages over current patch.

However, please be aware that Old patch has an extremely annoying and frequently occurring audio glitch, in which a specific sound loop can get locked in after building on the world map, something that can occur within the first 15 minutes of gameplay. The only way to fix the glitch is to close the entire game down. It doesn't even stop in the credits and after.

Please for make sure you are in the most recent version of the game.

Xbox One Controllers and Infinite scrolling on shop menus:

I've personally tested 3 different Xbox one controllers. But on the shop menus Xbox one controllers like to cause the game to just scroll uncontrollably during menus. The same issue doesn't occur in my Steam Controller. But real Citation is needed on this. It could just be me :/

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