Boss Rush - Leon guide will be updated with new strats once I have them more ironed out. The guide itself isn't that helpful, more like notes about which items to use. Furthermore those notes are taken off of Dragondarch's 12 year old PB that wasn't optimal.

I'll be continuing the Any% guide slowly but surely. I intended on using reference pics such as maps. I'll probably roll those out slowly, starting with Garden Forgotten by Time and so on.

Expect a Boss Rush - Joachim guide as well, probably as I'm rolling out the Any% guide.


I've taken a break from this game awhile ago, but here's what I got


IGN has a few dupe locations as well, since there's multiple http://www.ign.com/wikis/castlevania-lament-of-innocence/PS2_Cheats

It's really as simple as standing in the right spot. Also, I need to delete my boss rush guide lmao


As far as 100% goes I'll probably do a run through 100% soon, using dragondarch's run to help create a guide.


Nice job!

That 100% guide might interest me as I need some motivation to try and run that category, cause my RNG is beyond awful, so the RNG subweapons are a pain to me

If you need any help for the guides, I'll be more than glad to help.


It should be noted that my old 100% run on SDA is VERY outdated, and probably shouldn't be used as a guide at this point

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I know Serria is looking to route Pumpkin 100%. Would the boss order be the same on Pumpkin 100% or would there be a different method to it?


I was just going to go off of any% and the new leon boss rush for most strats, while accomplishing 100% of course.

Not gonna be perfect, but it will be something? 😛



Not close to finished. I'll build notes for my 100% run and you can track the progress as I add to it. I intend on using scrots for dupe references (and anything else that might be needed). As well as reference LoI maps found on Castlevaniacrypt.

What will follow will be actual runs, then an actual video guide.

I prefer notes and text, some people prefer videos, so you'll get both with me making the guide.


^ Rough version of my 100% notes are finished. It leaves out certain small details, as well as combat for individual rooms. I'll do some runs soon, and prep a rough video tutorial.


Yeah it's a VERY rough draft of my low 2hr run, which isn't even highlighted lol.

I'll be making some route changes soon, strats for individual rooms (fastest way to clear them that is), and maps similar to my leon any% maps for 100%, as well as just adding images of where to stand for duping.


Added a little something to the guides section, it was enough for me to learn the game. I considered making a video tutorial for Leon any% - but honestly DD's notes are up to date and detailed enough that anyone should be fine studying off the WR run and these notes alone.

Pretty much every other category is outdated though, with possible exception for Leon Boss Rush as well.