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Hello, was wondering if ScareScraper could also be a category? I might try and pick it up in the future, and speedrun it, along with any% runs of the game. Is there any reason why it's not a category, too much rng or something?


Iirc theres already been a run done. Im pretty sure the category will be added eventually.


if it does get a leaderboard it should be a sub game with categories of it's own


I don't think so. You can make a misc category for that, you just put scarescraper and enter the different variables, not very difficult, and it's not a separate game, it's in the game, I don't see why it shouldn't be a thing.


I think you might be misunderstanding what a sub game is. Its for pieces of games that have speedrunning interest and cant be layed out well on the main boards, but not enough impact to be a full new game on the site or (i believe) ROM hacks.


I’m just posting here to show my support for some sort of ScareScraper solo categories. With how long this game is, it could definitely use some shorter categories, and ScareScraper fits the bill; this would also somewhat increase interest in the game, by not having the only categories being long ones. Yes, there would be quite the RNG elements attached to it all, however, because there’s so much RNG, it really means that the player’s skill gets tested on many fronts. Also, mentally there would be a lot going on, like “Should I take a bit of time hoping to find an upgrade, or finish off the floor?” or things like “Should I open these doors in case there’s a necessary key there, or just go for it?” I think it would be interesting. Also, as an extra, there could be high score categories added for ScareScraper, and you input the leaderboard time as what your score was. I’ve seen some games utilize high score leaderboards, but that’s only a bonus; the main priority being ScareScraper speedruns.


Yes, please, ScareScraper as a category, not high score though, just speedrun.