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Can we get video required only for times beneath 3:30? Or top 5? I'm sure a few of us would prefer running it without having to record anything. And the time requirement can be lowered if we discover a big skip or anything.


I do not want to be insensitive, but what would be the point to be on a leaderboard if anyone can just claim a time without any proof.
If you are running for selfimprovement or for your self you can do that without having to be listed on a leaderboard.

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There has to be a balance of trusting people and having rules. Imo video should be required at sub 3:30 or sub 4. This will allow people to dip their toes into this game without having to find/buy a recording setup, making it easier to get into the game. And honestly, that high up in time, fake runs wont matter towards anything. Obviously people will try to get away with it but at that point it wont matter to us.

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